VPB LLC(USA), is a web hosting provider that specializes in dedicated server hosting, cloud server and its related products and services.The Company started its business as an agent of international IDC, specializing in providing dedicated server hosting, server rental and web designing. With a strong suppor by a powerful tech team and professional sales team, the company has grown rapidly over recent years and now is capable of offering various other associated services such as providing custom plans for enterprises,businesses and individual uses (SOHO) in the global market.

With the fast growth of the global electronic commerce market growing nowadays,VPB LLC is expanding ites business worldwide and has already established its fully-owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Zhengzhou(China).Being as a start with the performance in the past, VPB LLC is looking forward to a brighter future, through serving the potentia and existing users from all over the world.

VPB is a dedicated server provider that
With a "solution oriented" concept, provides dedicated server products and related services for users all over the world.
Having established 'self-owned' server rooms in different countries,has In-depth collaboration with some world class dedicated server companies,targeted to meet the diversified requirements and save time and investment fo clients from all over the world.
With a highly optimized International network,guarantees stable and smooth visiting experience for the global user.
Has nearly 890,000 active users worldwide.
Is close to our clients and always available in time of need.Our friendly engineers support you in a 24/7/365 environment before and after selling.
Aims at providing the most suitable and cost-effective server by the customers' requirement so that you only pay for what you need.
Has a Rapid Server Deployment system with instant delivery, which can ben done within couple of hours.
Always tries to give the maximum,free and in0time service for our clients,including backup,reboot,reset,configuratin environment and hard drive replacement.
Focusing more on users experience than buy a server from us.

Has an easy payment methods using Wire transfer.Moner Gram,Western Uni
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