Around the Globe and Back with .INTERNATIONAL Domain Extensions
That’s where the .INTERNATIONAL new generic top-level domain (new Domain Extension) comes in. This brand new domain is a particularly good fit for organizations, companies and travelers.

Send Help Worldwide with .INTERNATIONAL Domain Extensions
For nonprofits that serve countries across the world, the .INTERNATIONAL new Domain Extension is a perfect fit! Charitable organizations can get their point across straight away by avoiding using .ORG or .COM. Potential donors looking to help out financially when disaster strikes can automatically identify organizations that provide disaster relief. That takes the guess work out of the equation by stating your mission right after the dot.

Global Marketing with .INTERNATIONAL Web Addresses
For companies and manufacturers, .INTERNATIONAL is a great way to advertise goods and services to visitors from around the globe. For example, if a company operates nationally and internationally, they can advertise their global offerings with .INTERNATIONAL. This gets rid of any confusion for new customers and returning ones.

Traveling the Globe with .INTERNATIONAL Domains
.INTERNATIONAL isn’t just for raising money and selling goods, it’s also for global travelers. Globetrotters can use .INTERNATIONAL to host a blog to share their adventures with friends and family back home. It’s also a good way to give tips to fellow travelers looking to follow in their footsteps.