a software or virtual machine software which is usually to create and simulate virtual pc by way of his clone. For those of you who want to learn vmware ...
And in a vmware software we can simulate networking, virtualization pc to tens if indeed we are powerful computers to clone pc much. We can configure the PC so that one can relate to other computers, by configuring in networkingnya.

Function and Use vmware virtual machine is usually to try the application, develop, carry out other experiments that usually if we do in the guest OS, which means the OS within the OS by using vmware. VMware we can conduct experiments using any OS systems ranging from Windows, Mac, Linux, install vmware proxy on and so forth. We can experiment without loss or damage to the main OS. Essentially VMware functions can run many operating system or OS in one PC or laptop.

Specifications for vmware virtual machine using a minimum of 2GB of RAM and a minimum 20GB hard disk for the guest OS. It is advisable to use a PC or laptop over 4GB of RAM so that the main computer buddy is not slow. Vmware installation is very easy once we just do the download site and select vmware workstation vmware.com download and install vmware way as usual, just next next course. After that my friend can create project liking my friend wanted to install windows xp, 7, 8 and linux and so on.
Understanding And Function VM Ware Server

How to use Vmware workstation is also extremely easy to use vmware workstation we can do and save a lot of OS for the purposes develop, experiment and so forth. For a friend who wants to download vmware can go directly to the forum vmware Indonesian pal to learn, ask about problems in vmware, vmware sharing of product.

Hopefully tutorial What is VMware, Understanding and useful function is to mate all.