From the beginning of the windows have been designed or created uniquely by the owner, since the windows began in 1985 seemingly endless to continue to innovate creating Fiture-Fiture new services to make the products Microsoft is the best in its class for the sake of confidence in the loyal customers of its ,

On the pages of our reports President Director Statement Microsoft describes it wants to bring Windows selected by the user not to use. We want to make this Windows so that consumers need not be used, but are chosen by the user," he said on Wednesday (29/7) at the launch of Windows 10 Indonesia in Jakarta. Latest newly launched Windows is claimed the Microsoft Windows operating system as the best ever dihadirikan. In the manufacturing process, a global IT company has involved more than 5 million Windows users from 100 countries in a Windows program Insider.
Andreas added that the company is committed to making Windows inclusive and relevant according to the needs of its users. Therefore, a Windows program Insider is made to be a container of our interaction with the users who want to express criticism and input on Windows 10.

Here's a glimpse of the features present in the Windows 10 operating system:

Cortana: Personal Digital Assistant

Cortana features previously been present in Windows Phone. This feature will now be across devices based on Windows 10. Cortana helps users to do various things, such as finding information quickly, scheduling, providing reminders and search for documents on a user's computer. This feature is also claimed to be able to learn the user's preferences.

Start & Live Tiles

Following in the footsteps of Windows 8.1, users can see the latest updates directly from the people closest through Live Tiles without having to open an application. The Start menu in Windows 7 also re-emerged in the Windows 10.Fitur made familiar to the user.

Voice, pen, gesture

User interaction can be used in a more natural because the Windows 10 can receive instructions from the voice, the pen and body gestures.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge claimed to have the ability for drawing, scribbling, and gives notes on web pages and distribute them directly to fellow users. Ask Cortana combination of features and Edge also facilitate the search for answers by simply highlighting a phrase or word you want to know, then right-click, Cortana will provide further details regarding the phrase.

By activating the reading view Microsoft Edge, users can be more comfortable in reading a web page or save the page to read further.

Multi-doing and virtual desktops

Ever have trouble to see various documents at the same time? With multi-doing and virtual desktops, users no longer difficult to focus on doing things one by one.


Make the smartphone as a laptop screen? Continuum allows users to use the keyboard and create a tablet or a smartphone can show a view like a laptop.
Features Present In The Windows 10 Operating System

With Biometric Authentication Security System

Windows 10 will come with Windows Hello3, security systems that make it easy and convenient user sign-in to the device, ie just by scanning the face or fingers.

Windows Business Group Head, Microsoft Indonesia Lucky Gani said all the features of Windows 10 is designed to make people feel familiar, but also get a good performance with the latest technology, such as Cortana, Microsoft Edge, and Continuum.

"It needs to be emphasized also the security level in Windows 10 are tightened with the Windows Hello, Windows Defender, SmartScreen to keep the device from virus attacks, malware, and phishing. Users can also find system updates and security features with ease, "